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Preet Lathe™ S.P.M. Double Ended Conveyor Idler Boring High Performance, Super Rigid Machine designed to reduce the Human Effort with high accuracy & in a short time. This Idler Pipe Boring Machine combines all the Characteristics of most up to date constructional feature required by the modern metal cutting techniques. This machine is of Excellent Design, Robust Construction Carefully selected Material & a vast number of Carefully Conceived Technical Features with all the Operation of Pipe Boring to be achieved with Speed & Accuracy.

Machine will be duly set with Tools & Setting according to the Boring Parameters. The pipe put on the Clamp manually & clamp quickly with the operation of hydraulic valve which can be operated with the electrical panel & the Boring operation is started.

The slides of the machine move towards the pipe which is operated with the Feed Motor & on the way they counter Limit Switches to sense the approach of the Boring Units, after this Boring Unit go into slow boring cycle up to predetermined depth. After the Boring & Facing is over the spindle stops & slide retract in the rapid transverse manually & the job is de-clamped with the help of the Push buttons mounted on the clamping device

Specifications Double Ended Conveyor Idler Horizonal Boring Machine
Length 12.5'
Admit Between Centers - 2000mm
Spindle Drive - Geared
Speed(Numbers) 2 Spindle Speeds
Speed RPM - 70rpm-110rpm
Maximum Length of Pipe - 2000mm
Minimum Length of Pipe - 200mm
Maximum Dia of Pipe - 160mm*
Minimum Dia of Pipe - 65mm*
2 Head Stroke Motors(ISI/CE Certified) - 2 H.P. 3Ph. 1440rpm
1 Auto Feed Motor(ISI/CE Certified) - 1 H.P. 3Ph. 960rpm
1 PowerPack Motor(ISI/CE Certified) - 2 H.P. 3Ph. 1440rpm
2 Chucks - Included
2 Cutters - Included
2 Cooling Equipments - Included
Flame Hardened Bed - Hardened Bed
2 Assembly Lights - Included
Limit Switches - Included
Hydraulic Pipe Holder System - Included
*Modification on customer request. *Specifications are subject to change without notice. *Optional Accessories will be Charged Extra