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Preet Lathe’s products are engineered to perfection & accuracy. Preet Radial Drill Machines from 32mm to 75mm Drilling Capacity is built with the best quality to ensure perfect output. Our Radial Drill Machine price is highly competitive. Preet Lathe’s Radial Drilling Machine is manufactured from finest material by implementing latest technology & innovative ideas. We offer both the models i.e. Belt Driven Radial Drills & All Geared Radial Drills.

Specifications Radial Drill Machine
Description PR32 PR40 PR50 PR65 PR75
Drilling Capacity in Steel/Cast Iron 32mm 40mm 50mm 65mm 75mm
Drilling Depth 140mm 180m 225mm 325mm 355mm
Taper Spindle Morse MT3 MT4 MT5 MT5 MT6
Speeds 6 Speeds 6 Speeds 9 Speeds 12 Speeds 12 Speeds
Speeds RPM(approx.) 70-1000 RPM 55-650 RPM 45-750 RPM 18-800 RPM 18-800 RPM
Working Surface Base Plate 750x650 900x680 920x830 1500x1020 1850x1160
Column Diameter 175 255 310 355 400
Distance Base Plate to Spindle (Min) 225 225 225 300 400
Distance Base Plate to Spindle (Max) 700 1000 1300 1500 1750
Main Motor 1.5Kw 2.2Kw 3.7Kw 3.7Kw 5.5Kw
Arm Elevator Motor 0.75Kw 0.75Kw 1.5Kw 2.2Kw 3.7Kw
*Modification on customer request. *Specifications are subject to change without notice. *Optional Accessories will be Charged Extra